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Cataract surgery is the most common surgery performed in North America. It is a short procedure used to improve vision that has been reduced due to a cataract. Cataracts are a normal part of aging; as we age, the lens at the front of our eye gradually clouds over, blocking light from reaching the back of our eye making it harder to see. Cataract surgery consists of removing this cloudy lens, and replacing it with a clear, new, artificial lens.

Please see below for estimated wait times within our service, information on cataracts, intraocular lenses, and the procedure, as well as meet our cataract surgeons.

Wait Times

The following are the wait times for our cataract referrals. The Asssessment Wait Time column shows the wait time for surgeon assessment following referral. The Surgery Wait Time shows the wait time following surgeon assessment.

Doctor/Clinic Assessment Wait Time (T1) Surgery Wait Time (T2) 

Total Wait Time

Dr S. Baxter 12 weeks 12 weeks 24 weeks
Dr M. Bona 12 weeks 12 weeks 24 weeks
Dr R. Campbell 12 weeks 24 weeks 36 weeks
Dr R. Curtis 24 weeks 12 weeks 36 weeks
Dr D. Jinapriya 35 weeks 78 weeks 113 weeks
Dr D. Johnson 48 weeks 16 weeks 64 weeks
Dr R. Johnson 24 weeks 6 weeks 32 weeks
Dr S. Simpson 52 weeks 54 weeks 106 weeks
Dr H. Singh 35 weeks 104 weeks  139 weeks
Dr T. Urton 39 weeks 54 weeks 93 weeks

This information was last updated in July 2023.


Please note that these wait times represent an estimate only. Our OR allotment changes from one week to the next as the hospital and local health authority monitor the COVID-19 situation both regionally and nationally. 

Dr.  Stephanie Baxter
Department Head
Dr.  Mark Bona
Postgraduate Program Directo…
Dr.  Delan Jinapriya
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Robert Johnson
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Davin Johnson
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Harmanjit Singh
Assistant Clinical Professor
Dr.  Alex Tam
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Todd Urton
Operating Room Director