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Dr. Sarah Simpson
Dr. Sarah Simpson
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
Tel: (613) 507-3937
Fax: (613) 507-2597


  • Oculoplastics Fellowship: University of Calgary (2020)
  • Ophthalmology Residency: Queen's University (2018)
  • Medical School: Queen's University (2013)
  • Pre-medical: Queen's University (2009) BScH Psychology (with distinction)


Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:

  1. Ruzicki J, Simpson SM, Farmer J, Kertes PJ, Strube Y. (2019). Silicone oil migration into periorbital space surrounding an extraocular muscle after sutureless 23-gauge vitrectomy in a child. Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, 23, 109–111.
  2. Simpson SM MacKenzie J, Strube Y. (2019). Atypical late presentation of galactosemia: a case report. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, 54, e194–196.
  3. Simpson SM, Farmer J, Kratky V. (2017). Acute Orbital Sarcoidosis with Preceding Fever and Erythema Nodosum. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, 52, e233–235.
  4. Simpson SM, Yau G, Nischal KK, Strube Y. (2017). Forceps injury in a newborn presenting as iris heterochromia. JAAPOS, 21, 425–426.
  5. Mednick Z, Tabanfar R, Alexander A, Simpson SM, Baxter S. (2017). The creation and validation of a simulator for corneal rust ring removal. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, 52, 447–452.
  6. Varma D, Simpson SM, Rai A., Ahmed IK. (2017). Undetected angle closure in patients with a diagnosis of open angle glaucoma. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, 52, 373–378.
  7. Simpson SM, Schweitzer KD, Johnson DE. (2017). Design and validation of a laser simulator for peripheral iridotomy, posterior capsulotomy and retinopexy. Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging Retina, 48, 56–61.
  8. Simpson SM, Hickey AJ, Baker GB, Reynolds JN, Beninger RJ. (2012). The antidepressant phenelzine enhances memory in the double Y-maze and increases GABA in the hippocampus and frontal cortex of rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry Behavior102, 109–117.
  9. Simpson SM, Hickey AJ, Baker GB, Reynolds JN, Beninger RJ. (2011). The effects of pro-GABA treatment on the behavioural and cognitive deficits produced by post-weaning social isolation and subchronic MK-801 in the rat. Behavioural Pharmacology22(suppl), e41–42.
  10. Simpson SM, Menard JL, Reynolds JN,  Beninger RJ. (2010). Post-weaning social isolation increases activity in a novel environment but decreases defensive burying and subchronic MK-801 enhances the activity but not the burying effect in rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry Behavior95, 72–79.