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Comprehensive Ophthalmology

A general ophthalmologist deals with all sorts of eye problems, at many different stages. Often, they are the first point of contact, and can offer definitive management.  If a specialized region of the eye is involved, they can direct you to the most appropriate subspecialist.

Below is a list of our doctors who have a full comprehensive practice—click on each doctor for more information.

Dr.  Stephanie Baxter
Associate Professor
Dr.  Robert Campbell
Deputy Department Head
Dr.  James Farmer
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr.  Vasudha Gupta
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Delan Jinapriya
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Robert Johnson
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Christine Law
Undergraduate Program Direct…
Dr.  Sarah Simpson
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Yi Ning Strube
Associate Professor
Dr.  Martin  ten Hove
Department Head
Dr.  Todd Urton
Operating Room Director
Dr.  Stephanie Wood
Assistant Professor