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Rosen Symposium

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Thank you to all who joined us for our annual

Rosen Symposium 

which took place virtually this year on

Monday May 17th, from 7–9pm ET



It was a pleasure re-engaging our ophthalmology and optometry colleagues, and reconnecting with past alumni!


Davin Johnson
2021 Rosen Day Course Director

The presentations at this year's event included:

  • Oculoplastics Case: Prostaglandin associated orbitopathy: oculoplastic considerations when using prostaglandin analogues – Dr Sarah Simpson
  • Retina Case: Pupil Block Hypotony  Dr Tom Gonder
  • Glaucoma Case: "Doc, what are my options?"  Dr Harmanjit Singh

Update on the Department of Ophthalmology – Dr Martin ten Hove


  • Neuro-Ophthalmology case: It’s the turkey soup! – Dr Jacob Rullo
  • Corneal neurotization: Eearly Queen’s experience – Dr Vladimir Kratky
  • Pediatric case: Retinal artery occlusion in a child – Dr Chrstine Law
  • Cataract Case: "Oh Crap!" – Dr Davin Johnson


Update on the Queen's Ophthalmology Residency Program – Dr Mark Bona

Cataract Surgery in Kingston Dr Todd Urton