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Department Notices

We are excited to welcome new members to our department.

Earlier this year we welcomed two new faculty members—Dr Krishna Rao, MD, a glaucoma specialist, and Dr Mahadeo Sukhai, PhD, an accessibility researcher. 

This summer we also welcomed our new first year ophthalmology residents, Drs Alison Banwell, Tiandra Ceyhan, and Damien Pike. 

We also have three new locums joining our department: Dr. Robert Johnson MD has joined our emergency eye clinic and comprehensive ophthalmology and cataract services. Drs. Vasudha Gupta and Harman Singh will be joining us in October.

Regrettably our colleague Dr Smallman has had to temporarily take a leave of absence, which involves suspending his practice and referring his patients so that their care does not get interrupted. ... 

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