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Pediatrics & Adult Strabismus

Pediatric ophthalmology is the subspecialty of ophthalmology dealing with conditions affecting children, including visual development and pediatric eye diseases (often distinct from adult eye diseases).

Strabismus is a vision disorder related to eye misalignment. This can often be related to visual development dysfunction in children, but eye misalignment can also gradually present in adulthood. Pediatric ophthalmologists' expertise in classifying and treating eye misalignment is the reason their scope regularly encompasses adult strabismus in addition to their pediatric focus. 


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Departmental Position on Vision Therapy

"Vision Therapy" is an expensive program with no sound proof of effectiveness or value. Accordingly, we do not recommend or endorse "Vision Therapy."

"Vision Therapy" is a term used to refer to a variety of costly programs offering in-office supervised eye exercises purportedly aimed at remedying a variety of eye conditions.

You can find the COS position on Vision Therapy here.  

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Dr.  Christine Law
Deputy Head - SEAMO
Dr.  Yi Ning Strube
Surgical Simulation Lead

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Adjunct Professor