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Dr. Harmanjit Singh MD
Dr. Harmanjit Singh
Assistant Clinical Professor
Fellowship Committee Chair
Contact Info
Tel: (613) 507-4800 (Galen Reception)
Fax: (613) 507-4801

In addition to routine cataract surgery, Dr Singh has a particular expertise and interest in minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS), high-risk cataracts, the repair of complications from cataract surgery, and ocular anterior segment reconstruction.



  • Fellowship:  Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery Fellowship, University of Toronto—Mentor: Dr. Ike Ahmed (2014)
  • Ophthalmology Residency:  Université de Montréal (2013)
  • Medical School:  Université de Montréal (2008)
  • Pre-Medical:  BSc, Microbiology Université de Montréal(2004)


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