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Ophthalmic Medical Technologist Course

The ophthalmic medical technologist (OMT)  program builds on the foundations of the ophthalmic technician program, focusing on advanced ophthalmic diagnostic procedures. The topics covered include:

  • Fluorescein angiography

  • B-Scan

  • Standardized echography

  • Anterior segment ultrasound

  • Slit lamp photography

  • Advanced ocular motility

  • Advanced visual fields

  • Advanced refractometry

  • Electrophysiology

  • Functional Vision Loss & Nystagmus

  • Introduction to neuro-ophthalmology

  • Colour vision testing and defects

  • Ocular prosthetics

  • Ophthalmic diseases and disorders

  • Microbiology

  • Indications for ophthalmic ultrasound

Each topic is delivered as a lecture, with review sessions held to ensure student understanding. When appropriate, hands-ons sessions are held where the students have the opportunity to practice the skills on each other in a controlled environment. Once comfortable performing the skill in the lab environment, the students are then able to practice the skill under supervision during the clinical rotations.

Clinic rotations consist of assessments and competencies.