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Please note: the following eye exam resources are not a substitute for an ophthalmologic exam performed by a trained ophthalmic technician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. These tests are intended to assist us in monitoring progression of your eye condition remotely.


When you eye is funtioning normally, straight lines should appear straight. There are a number of conditions which can interfere with how your eye sees straight lines.

This test is used to look for any problems with your eye, and help us locate where in your eye the problem is occuring. 

Visual Distortion – Amsler Grid

1) Click on the image to open the PDF for this test. You may either print off this page, or view it on your computer screen.

2) Check that the circle on the right hand side is the size of a $1 coin (a "loonie"). On your computer screen, you may need to adjust the zoom of the page. You can adjust this by going to the VIEW menu of your web browser, and selecting "zoom in" or "zoom out" Printing the document as "actual size" in landscape orientation should make this happen automatically.


3) Test under normal room lighting. Position yourself 30 cm away from the chart. If you use eyeglasses for reading, please use them for testing your near vision. 
4) Test each eye separately by covering the other eye, and with your uncovered eye, look directly at the dot in the centre of the grid Keep your eye focussed on the dot, and answer the following questions
  • Do any of the lines on the grid appear wavy, blurred, or distorted?
  • Are there any dark areas on the grid, or missing areas?