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Home Eye Testing

Please note: the following eye exam resources are not a substitute for an ophthalmologic exam performed by a trained ophthalmic technician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. These tests are intended to assist us in monitoring progression of your eye condition remotely.


Please select which eye test you would like to perform: 

Visual Acuity

Visual Distortion


Pediatric Vision

Clinical visit policy for ophthalmology

Please note that only urgent cases will be seen in person at our clinic. This is to limit potential risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission. Instead we are arranging remote clinical visits via secure televideo and telephone appointments. 

  • If you are a patient experiencing any new issues with your eyes, please consult your family doctor, an optometrist, or an urgent care/emergency department for a referral to us. 
  • If you are currently a patient within ophthalmology in Kingston, please contact the clinical assistant for the physician that you have been in contact with in the past.


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