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The Queen’s University Ophthalmology Residency Program consists of a four-stage, 5-year, competency based curriculum in alignment with the Royal College Competence By Design (CBD) model.

Incoming residents begin their journey with the Transition to Discipline (TD). This stage serves as an orientation to ophthalmology and residency, with hospital service orientations and immersion in all things ophthalmology through the Emergency Eye clinic, and cycling through subspecialty clinics.
After hitting the ground running with two months in ophthalmology, residents enter the Foundations of Discipline (FD). This stage begins with a series of off-service medical and surgical specialties with direct links to ophthalmology, such as plastic surgery, neurology, general internal medicine, as well as a resident-driven elective block meant to round-out their off-service experiences.
Residents then return to Ophthalmology to pick up where they left off in the emergency eye clinic, supported by a rotation of senior residents and staff. The stage concludes with the six-week long Toronto Ophthalmology Resident Introductory Course (TORIC) to review and reinforce the fundamentals of the discipline.
Freshly back from TORIC, residents in the early stage of Core of Discipline (CD) are the mainstays of our Emergency Eye Clinic, and begin adopting first call and consult responsibilities.  They also begin a research practice to compliment their clinical duties.
Residents then transition into subspecialty immersion rotations, wherein they gain valuable exposure to the presentations and relevant investigations, procedures and practices of these specific fields.
Residency concludes with the Transition to Practice (TP) stage, allowing residents to consolidate all of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired throughout their residency training by providing opportunities to run clinics as junior attending whilst still providing supervisory guidance.
Ample opportunities for electives, research, courses, and conferences exist throughout the curriculum. Residents with a particularly keen interest in research can also enrol in a dedicated "Clinician Invesitgator Program" (please see link below.)
Follow the links below to see other resources for learning more about the ophthalmology postgraduate program at Queen's.