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Family Medicine Resources

Introduction of Ophthalmology for the General Practitioner

Welcome to our Family Medicine Resources Hub. Here you will find some lectures aimed at the generalist, followed by some Ophthalmic Clinical Skills Videos. 

Ophthalmology 101

Module objectives:
  • Understand the pathophysiology of common ophthalmologic diagnoses
  • Review the treatment of different eye conditions
  • Learn about Vision Rehabilitation in the SELHIN

Download lecture slides here.


The Red Eye: When to Refer

Module objectives:
  • Differentiate between benign and urgent causes of a red eye
  • Recognise causes of a red eye
  • Learn basic treatment strategies for a red eye

Download lecture slides here.


 Lumps & Bumps around the Eye

Pediatric Ophthalmology: Practical Tips & Techniques

Module objectives:
  • Common eyelid lesions
  • Differentiating malignant from benign lesions
  • The LUI approach to triaging lesions
  • When to follow vs biopsy vs refer 

Download lecture slides here.

The LUI triage key.


Module objectives:
  • When to suspect early visual loss
  • When to refer strabismus vs watch
  • Assessing red reflex
  • When to refer for blocked tear ducts

Download lecture slides here.


Ophthalmic Urgencies & Emergencies for the Family Doctor

—To be delivered live—


 Supplemental resource


This is a narrated powerpoint lecture on emergent ophthalmic presentations (28 minuntes in duration).


Family Medicine Eye Skills Modules:


Vision, Pupils, Visual Fields
Slitlamp & Penlight
Pediatrics & Ocular movements/alignment
Emergency Skills — IOP, Lid Eversion, Shielding


Ophthalmology Case Presentations:

 Coming soon. Please check back.