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Dr. Sangeetha Santhakumaran MD, MSc
Dr. Sangeetha Santhakumaran
Contact Info
• Medical students wishing to arrange to observe/assist/shadow are kindly asked to contact the Postgraduate Program Assistant, Shauna Vinkle:
• All medical inquiries should go through the clinic where you arranged your appointment


  • Medical School: McGill University (2022)
  • MSc, Vision Science—Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation, Université de Montréal (2020)
  • BSc, Psychology & Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, McGill University (2017)


Selected Publications

  1. Jaiswal A, Santhakumaran S, Gupta S, Dumassais S, Aubin G, Wittich W. Whose voices are still silent: Applying an intersectionality lens to existing evidence on cognitive impairment in older adults with combined hearing and vision impairment. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 2021 17, e052689. 
  2. Jaiswal A, Gupta S, Santhakumaran S, Holzhey P, Aubin G, Dumassais S, Wittich W. . Risk factors and association of cognitive impairment among older adults with concurrent vision and hearing impairment: A scoping study. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 2021 17, e052726.
  3. Dumassais S, Aubin G, Jaiswal A, Gupta S, Santhakumaran S, Wittich W. The use of cognitive measures in older adults with concurrent hearing and vision impairment: A scoping review. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 2021, 17, e053986. 
  4. Jaiswal A, Santhakumaran S, Walker S, Sukhai MA, Packer T, Kessler D. A scoping review of vision rehabilitation services in Canada. British Journal of Visual Impairment, 2021. 02646196211029344. 
  5. Santhakumaran S. Approach to: Acute Vision Loss. McGill Journal of Medicine, 2021 19(2). 
  6. Santhakumaran S. Approach to: Red eye. McGill Journal of Medicine, 2021 19(2). 
  7. MacKinnon AL, Carter CS, Feeley N, Gold I, Hayton B, Santhakumaran S, Zelkowitz P. Theory of mind as a link between oxytocin and maternal behavior. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2018. 92, 87-94.