Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Teaching Rounds


Tuesday, January 9th

Retina Imaging Rounds: Drs. Gonder, Bal and Fellows- Brock 2 Conference Room – 4:30pm

Wednesday, January 10th

Grand Rounds: Dr. Jagan- Auditorium Johnson 1 - 7:30am-8:30am

Title: Esight Eyewear and other trending interventions

Attending: Dr. Wood

Seminar: Dr. Urton- Brock 2 Conference Room – 8:45am-11:45am

Title: Signs, and Symptoms, Clinical approaches, Epidemiology, History taking,

and Lab evaluations.

Friday, January 12th

Professor Rounds: Dr. Smallman- Brock 2 Conference Room – 7:15am

Title: Patient Safety