Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Dr. S. Sharma

Eye Physician and Surgeon
Medical Retina Specialist

Research Director 
Department of Ophthalmology
Queen's University

Department of Epidemiology
Queen's University


Sarah Moulton
Tel: (613) 544-3400 x 2227
Fax: (613) 544-3041
Office and Telephone Hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Practice Profile Medical Retina
Ophthalmic Education
General Medical Education
Medical School:
Dalhousie University (1991)
Ophthalmology Residency:
Queen's University (1995)
Retinal/Epidemiology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School (1998)
Retina, Wills Eye Hospital, Jefferson Medical College (1997)

AFMC - John Ruedy Award for Innovation in Medical Education 2017

OMA Achievement Award 2012 - Innovation in the field of Ophthalmology (HDH News Release)(Queen's University News Release)
Research Interests Macular Degeneration
Health-Technology Assessment
Patient-Related Outcomes

Selected Publications:

Xu K, Tzankova V, Li C, Sharma S. Intravenous fluorescein angiography-associated adverse reactions. Can J Ophthalmol. 2016 Oct;51(5):321-325. 

Mednick Z, Irrcher I, Hopman WM, Sharma S. Assessing a narrated white board animation as part of the consent process for intravenous fluorescein angiography: a randomized educational study. Can J Ophthalmol. 2016 Dec;51(6):471-475. 

Sharma S, Rullo J, Sharma NA. The future of medical education in ophthalmology. Can J Ophthalmol. 2016 Jun;51(3):128-9.

Khan Z, Braich PS, Rahim K, Rayat JS, Xing L, Iqbal M, Mohamed K, Sharma S, Almeida D. Burden and Depression among Caregivers of Visually Impaired Patients in a Canadian Population. Adv Med. 2016;2016:4683427.

Abouammoh MA, Abouammoh MA, Gale JS, Arevalo JF, Sharma S. A NOVEL TECHNIQUE FOR SECURING SCLEROTOMIES IN 20-GAUGE TRANSCONJUNCTIVAL PARS PLANA VITRECTOMY: Surgical Outcomes and Complications in 529 Consecutive Cases. Retina. 2016 May;36(5):974-80.

Yau GL, Campbell RJ, Li C, Sharma S. Peripapillary RNFL thickness in nonexudative versus chronically treated exudative age-related macular degeneration. Can J Ophthalmol. 2015 Oct;50(5):345-9.

Hurst J, Johnson D, Law C, Schweitzer K, Sharma S. Value of subjective visual reduction in patients with acute-onset floaters and/or flashes. Can J Ophthalmol. 2015 Aug;50(4):265-8.

Johnson D, Jagan L, Kurji A, Jumaa K, Sharma SEmergency department visits after intravitreal bevacizumab and ranibizumab injections in diabetic patients. Can J Ophthalmol. 2014 Dec;49(6):e146-8.

Dorrepaal SJ, Gale J, El-Defrawy S, Sharma S. Resistance of ocular flora to gatifloxacin in patients undergoing intravitreal injections.
Can J Ophthalmol. 2014 Feb;49(1):66-71.

Abouammoh MA, Belliveau MJ, Almeida DR, Gale JS, Sharma S. Ranibizumab for idiopathic epiretinal membranes: A retrospective case series. Saudi J Ophthalmol. 2013 Apr;27(2):79-82.

Hollands H, Johnson D, Hollands S, Simel DL, Jinapriya D, Sharma S. Do findings on routine examination identify patients at risk for primary open-angle glaucoma? The rational clinical examination systematic review. JAMA. 2013 May 15;309(19):2035-42.

Johnson D, Sharma SOcular and systemic safety of bevacizumab and ranibizumab in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration. Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2013 May;24(3):205-12.

Sharma S, Johnson D, Abouammoh M, Hollands S, Brisette A. Rate of serious adverse effects in a series of bevacizumab and ranibizumab injections. Can J Ophthalmol (2012); 17(3):275-9.
Steedman M, Abouammoh M, Sharma S. Multimedia learning tools for teaching undergraduate ophthalmology: results of a randomized clinical study. Can J Ophthalmol (2012); 47(1): 66-71.
Schweitzer KD, Eneh AA, hurst J, Bona MD, Rahim KJ, Sharma S. Visual function analysis in acute posterior vitreous detachment. Can J Ophthalmol (2011); 46(3): 232-6.
Schweitzer KD, Eneh AA, Hurst J, Bona MD, Rahim K, Sharma S. Predicting retinal tears in posterior vitreous detachment. Can J Ophthalmol (2011); 46(6): 481-5.
Johnson D, Hollands H, Hollands S, Sharma S. Incidence and characteristics of acute intraocular inflammation after intravitreal injection of bevacizumab: a retrospective cohort study. Can J Ophthalmol (2010); 45(3): 239-42.
Johnson D, Hollands S, Hollands H, Schweitzer KD, Almeida DR, Sharma S. Quality of life amongst American vs. Canadian patients with retinal disease. Can J Ophthalmol (2010); 21(3): 227-32.
Hollands H, Johnson D, Brox AC, Almeida D, Simel DL, Sharma S.  Acute-onset floaters and flashes: is this patient at risk for retinal detachment? JAMA. 2009 Nov 25;302(20):2243-9.

Karanjia R, Eng KT, Gale J, Sharma S, ten Hove MW. Electrophysiological effects of intravitreal Avastin (bevacizumab) in the treatment of exudative age-related macular edema. Br J Ophthalmol (2008); 92(9): 1248-52.
Almeida DR, Johnson D, Hollands H, Smallman D, Baxter S, Eng KT, Kratky V, ten Hove MW, Sharma S, El-Defrawy S. Effect of prophylactic nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs on cystoid macular edema assessed using optical coherence tomography quantification of total macular volume after cataract surgery. J Cataract Refract Surg (2008); 34(1): 64-9.
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Research Grants:
Retina Foundation of Canada Senior Clinical Research Grant (2016): "Microbiome Diversity and Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk".

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