Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University


We offer observerships in the Department of Ophthalmology to Undergraduate medical students in their first 2 years of medical school. 

The goal of this program is to provide Queen's medical students in their first and second years of medical school an opportunity to explore ophthalmology, by observing the day-to-day practice of an ophthalmologist for a day or a week. Availability of these observerships may be limited.

Observerships in the Department can be arranged by a couple of different approaches:

 • Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education - formal week long observerships organized in the spring. 

• On an ad hoc basis, please contact the appropriate Queen's Ophthalmologist directly to determine their availability.  Once you have determined which area of Ophthalmology you are most interested in learning more about, please contact the appropriate clinician (listed below).

Dr. Stephanie Baxter - Cornea/External Diseases

Dr. Mark Bona - General and Low Vision

Dr. Robert Campbell - Glaucoma

Dr. John Cheung - General/Uveitis

Dr. Jim Farmer - General/Ocular Pathology

Dr. Tom Gonder - Medical Retina

Dr. Delan Jinapriya - Glaucoma

Dr. Davin Johnson - General

Dr. Vladimir Kratky - Oculoplastics

Dr. Christine Law - Pediatrics and Strabismus

Dr. Sanjay Sharma - Medical Retina

Dr. Don Smallman - General

Dr. Yi Ning Strube - Pediatrics

Dr. Martin ten Hove - Neuro-ophthalmology

Dr. Todd Urton - General/Uveitis

Dr. Stephanie Wood - Medical Retina