Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University

CaRMS Electives

The Department of Ophthalmology offers clerkship electives for prospective Ophthalmology CaRMS Canadiates in the last two year of their medical training.

Through our undergraduate electives, we hope to provide hands-on experience in the fascinating specialty of Ophthalmology. These electives also serve as a great opportunity for those interested in an Ophthalmology Residency to familarize themselves with our department.

CaRMS Electives allow both Queen's students, as well as medical students from other Canadian universities, the opportunity to explore our various subspecialty and general clinics. Medical Students experience what being a Queen's Ophthalmology Resident is like, while interacting with our faculty, support staff, and residents.

Important Information for All Students

The Department accepts up to 2 students per week for electives, with the recommendation of doing a maximum of 2 weeks per elective. Electives are approved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Queen's University students are accepted up to 9 months in advance, while students from other universities are 6 months in advance. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 4 months in advance to allow for  necessary credentialing.

Black-out period 

During the last 2 weeks of June, as well as the entire months of July and August, the Department does not accept any elective students. This period is a less than optimal elective opportunity due to COS preparation, residents being away of course, new incoming residents, and faculty vacation. 

Setting up and Elective in the Department of Ophthalmology

Queen's University Medical Students

Please contact the Ophthalmology Undergraduate Program Assistant, Kaitlyn Caird
at to inquiry about the availability of the dates you are interested in.  We can not accept requests more than nine months in advance. Once availability has been confirmed, she will hold your requested dates for a maximum of six weeks and you can then enter your elective into Medtech.

You will be contacted by email just prior to your elective by Kaitlyn Caird, on behalf of Dr. Jim Farm to begin preparing for your elective.

Visiting Canadian Non-Queen's Medical Students

1. Please go to the AFMC portal  to submit an application at  for the elective dates you are interested in.  Applications can not be accepted more than six months in advance.  Visiting students from another University should complete forms for "Visiting Medical Elective Students".  There is a fee of $100.00.

2.  Once the Undergraduate Office has accepted your application, it will be forwarded to the Ophthalmology Undergraduate Assistant, Kaitlyn Caird, at for final approval of the dates you have requested.

4. You will be contacted just prior to your elective by Kaitlyn Caird, on behalf of  Dr. Jim Farmer, to begin preparing for your elective.

5.  In the event that you are unable to attend your elective, please notify both the UG office as well as the Undergraduate Assistant of your cancellation.