Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Our Residents

In medicine, the term "resident" refers to a physician who has completed medical school and is in the midst of extra training specific to a certain specialty.  We recruit the top applicants from across Canada, and pride ourselves in the high level of training we provide.  The ophthalmology residency program at Queen's University is five years long.  The names and contact information for the residents in the 2015/16 academic year are shown below.

Name Year Email
Dr. Zainab Khan PGY5
Dr. Zale Mednick PGY5
Dr. Kunyong Xu PGY5
Dr. Cor de Jager PGY4
Dr. Sarah Simpson PGY4
Dr. Timothy Ratzlaff PGY3
Dr. Yao Wang PGY3
Dr. Mark Xu PGY3
Dr. Lisa Jagan PGY2
Dr. Jacob Rullo PGY2
Dr. Jessica Ruzicki PGY2
Dr. Gabriela Lahaie Luna PGY1
Dr. Ankur Ralhan PGY1