Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Conferences and Workshops

At Queen’s, we believe in providing our residents with the opportunity to learn from a broad range of sources. To that end, all of our residents are provided with generous amounts of time and funding to attend an inspiring array of the world’s best courses and conferences. 

Our residents usually attend meetings of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  Many conferences, workshops, and other leadership opportunities are also available at Queen's and these include:


The Queen’s Conference on Academic Residency Education (QCARE) is an annual two-day conference that takes place in May for all first year residents. Attendance is mandatory, thus residents are released from service responsibilities for those two days. The vision for QCARE is to provide education on the CanMEDS non-medical expert competencies in a practical, innovative, and engaging manner. The two days include plenary speakers and smaller group workshops.

Kingston Resuscitation Institute

The Kingston Resuscitation Institute (KRI) hosts a Leadership Series for senior residents. The purpose of this series is to develop promising senior trainees for future leadership roles and to stimulate their interest in leadership. The series addresses some of the CanMEDS roles shared by all of our training programs that are difficult to address in the regular clinical setting, including the Physician as Communicator, Collaborator, Manager and Professional.  The KRI also hosts a Residents’ Medical Education Seminar Series that takes place over the Fall and Winter months. The purpose of the series is to engage learners with theoretical frameworks, curricula development, principles of teaching, assessment strategies, program evaluation, research, and remediation processes.

Chief Residents

A Chief and Senior Resident Workshop is offered in May to all residents in these leadership positions. In particular, sessions on leadership and conflict management address effective and appropriate management, administration, and leadership skills.  Chief Residents are selected residents who are full members of the Residency Program Committee (RPC). In this role, s/he is responsible for bringing the concerns of other residents to RPC meetings.